Largest Yoga Library

in a Single Mobile Application!

Lotus App has about 500 yoga poses, hundreds of guided yoga and meditation classes, dozens of yoga programs, custom class generator and many other tools!

Lotus Yoga : Extensive Yoga App

Lotus Yoga app brings the best yoga classes and programs to you. Get access to the most extensive yoga library in App Store and Google Play.

Hundreds of guided yoga and meditation classes

Dozens of yoga programs

Create your own yoga classes

Over 500+ yoga poses

Clever linking system

Schedule classes and programs

Backup and restore your data

IOS and Android  support

  • “Its so easy to create my own sequences with Lotus Yoga. I absolutely love this app. Also I have never seen such large library. Over 450 poses with all described. I had opportunity to try some of their classes and can recommend to yoga people from all levels!”

  • “Well its my third week with this app and I can definitely say that I am improving.”

  • “I'm so happy that I found some yoga app that I can follow at home. Love it and will recommend to all my friends! Thanks for producers...”


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